Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Do you have current employees or new-hires that must obtain a CDL?

With the implementation of the new FMCSA’s ELDT mandated training requirements, employers are finding that it is getting increasingly difficult to retain CDL holders. Frankly, the ELDT training makes obtaining a CDL even more complicated. Many companies are hesitant to expend excessive amounts of money for CDL training at traditional brick and mortar CDL schools, for fear of not being able to retain that employee upon graduation. But, we have a solution for you!

ELDT Academy, LLC is an FMCSA approved Training Provider. Whether it is a Class A, Class B, or Class C CDL, we utilize FMCSA-approved curriculum, and we offer innovative solutions that can be customized to YOUR company’s needs.

Here’s the facts…

What traditional brick and mortar CDL schools don’t tell you is that the FMCSA does not have a minimum criteria for training, except for the theory portion of the training. The theory portion can be conducted online, it does not have to be in-person. However, the skills and road training does. This is where they get you. So, CDL candidates spend thousands of dollars and time off of work, to attend brick and mortar CDL schools. Four weeks later, after your

Then, because of the online availability for theory, there are many online theory training providers out there. In fact, when the FMCSA launched the ELDT training mandates on February 7, 2022, there are a deluge of “providers” that are offering online training theory, charging hundreds of dollars, ripping off the industry. But what they aren’t telling you is that their theory training only accounts for 1/3rd of the training needed to actually obtain a CDL. So CDL candidates take this training, pay hundreds of dollars, and are left to

Remote On-Site Training

We come come to you! The process is fairly simple:

  1. Conduct a site visit to verify adequate training space and road training route.
  2. Establish your individual training needs.
  3. Establish your student roster and get them permit-ready.
  4. Commence training.
  5. Schedule testing with a third-party examiner.

This model of training requires the following:

  • Use of YOUR company vehicle, which must have passed an FMCSA Annual Inspection, current registration, and general liability insurance.
  • Adequate training area (minimum 300′ x 300′), preferably flat and paved.

The savings to the company are many:

  • NO employee mileage expenses to pay for employee travel
  • NO employee lodging expenses to pay for employee hotels
  • NO employee per diem expenses
  • NO inflated tuition and registration costs associated with traditional brick and mortar CDL schools
  • NO excessive downtime of employees

How can we offer this option?

Simple… no overhead! We send a Certified Instructor to your site, while your employees remain at their home terminal. All training is conducted on your property, using your equipment and fuel. This eliminates the amount of expensive overhead found at a traditional training facility, which simply allows us to do it cheaper!

What are the rates for this option?

Class CDLLength of TrainingCost per Student
A160 Hours (4 weeks)$3,995.00
B40 hours (1 week)$1,995.00
B to A120 Hours (3 weeks)$2,495.00