CATEGORY: Endorsements

Hazardous Materials

Course Access: 180 days access
Course Overview
This course will give you all the curriculum needed to pass your Hazardous Materials written exam to obtain your Hazardous Materials endorsement. This course is FMCSA ELDT Approved.
  • All curriculum of Section 9.0 in the CDL Manual 
  • Practice Exam 
  • Final Exam 

 *Note* Before the state will issue the Hazmat endorsement, the FMCSA will require you to be fingerprinted and have a thorough background check completed. Some states may require you to complete this process first before taking the DMV exam.
Upon completion of this course, you will be entered into the FMCSA Training Provider Registry, which will permit you to sit for your Hazardous Materials written exam to add this endorsement to your CDL.